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February 2021
The heads of 2 ostriches, each looking in the oposite direction
January 2021
Pair of oxen in harness
December 2020
Hawaii- gorgeous view of ocean through palm trees
November 2020
Yellow finch on branch
October 2020
Birch trees reflected in pond at Cooper Marsh
September 2020
A White-Throated-Sparrow on a branch
August 2020
Limpkin reflected in water
July 2020
June 2020
Cardinal youngster in a red tree
May 2020
Key Deer
April 2020
March 2020
Fulvous Whistling Duck
February 2020
Flamingos in Love
January 2020
December 2019
Muskrat Eating
November 2019
Anglier's Reflection
October 2019
Autumn Painting - Reflections of fall trees in water
September 2019
A number of birds on a log, all preening
August 2019
Two Yorkshire Terriers looking out between the spindles of a railing
July 2019
Quid Vid Harbour, NFL
June 2019
Shed & Reflection, Fogo Island, Newfoundland
May 2019
Ginger and white cat taken in Elliston, NFL
April 2019
Duck squaking with beak open
March 2019
February 2019
Red River Hog
January 2019
Iceberg & Splash Close Up
December 2018
A Tickle, NL
November 2018
A Greater Yellowlegs wading near the shore
October 2018
Colourful pebbles on a beach
September 2018
Kitiwake and chick on a rocky ledge
August 2018
Fox on a road
July 2018
Red and white tulips
June 2018
Canada 150 Dragons- giant plant sculpture; Mosaic Canada 2019
May 2018
Painted lady butterfly perched on a coneflower
April 2018
View of 5 Arch Bridge and Pakenham in spring
March 2018
View of 5 Arch Bridge and Pakenham in spring
February 2018
Photo of photographer's small white dog Trinket
January 2018
Robin on a branch
December 2017
View of Emerald Lake
November 2017
Bee on globe thistle
October 2017
September 2017
Female Red-winged Blackbird perched on a thistle
August 2017
Great blue heron with fish in beak
July 2017
June 2017
May 2017
April 2017
Heron - in painterly style
March 2017

Berrington Bear
February 2017

Mountain Rooster
January 2017

Still Water in Winter - landscape
December 2016

Just the Right Size Rock (frog on rock)
November 2016

Canada Goose
October 2016

August 2016

Pelican strutting in park
July 2016

Moving Lights
June 2016

View of cliffs on the Big Island of Hawaii
May 2016
April 2016
Talking turtle - sea turtle on the beach, Hawaii
March 2016
Big Waves, Big Island of Hawaii
February 2016
Image of monkeys
January 2016
December 2015
November 2015
View of Salzburg
October 2015
Birch and Colour Reflection, Perth
September 2015
Photo of the falls in Almonte
August 2015
Photo of a female cardinal
July 2015
Photo of a forest
June 2015
Blue Heron-Near Shore Neoean, ON
May 2015
Tulips in Ottawa
April 2015
Red Squirrel in Flowers
March 2015
Yellow Fish
February 2015
Mountain Goat
January 2015
Photo of Trinket, the photographer's dog
December 2014
Elephants and Reflection
November 2014
Red-winged Blackbird
October 2014
Still Water, Nepean - photo of a shoreline.
September 2014
Glimpse of 1957
August 2014
Chesley Sunset
July 2014
Harbour at Calanques Cassis
June 2014
May 2014
Horse in trees
April 2014
White Rock Reflection
March 2014
Purple Sunset
February 2014
Red Stairs abstract
January 2014
Hog's Back in Winter - Metallic Blue Ice
December 2013
Birch tree reflecting in a pond
November 2013
Image of two deer
October 2013
Königssee Reflection
September 2013
Kittens, Berlin zoo, Berlin, Germany
August 2013
Lake Placid, New York
July 2013
Rapids and colours, au Sauble River, New York
June 2013
Moon between two steeples, Holland
May 2013
View From a Height - Kauai, Hawaii
April 2013
Waimea Canyon - Kauai, Hawaii
March 2013
Kilauea Lighthouse - Kauai, Hawaii
February 2013
Bald Eagle
January 2013
December 2012
Canal at Dusk

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