Photographer of Birds, Animals, Nature & Travel

Anita Schlarb Canadian Photographer with her camera in the forest

Anita Schlarb
Canadian Photographer

Anita Schlarb is a Canadian photographer specifically interested in capturing images of birds, animals, nature, and landscapes that she discovers in her travels. Born in Chatham, Ontario and now based in Ottawa, she has always enjoyed outdoor activities. At home, you will likely find her looking for birds while cycling, hiking, or walking through a majestic forest. While traveling, she loves to watch breathtaking sunsets, and to walk and relax on beautiful sandy beaches.

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What People are Saying....

“Anita’s pictures capture the harmony and tranquility of nature. Some of her pictures offer surprising glimpses of wildlife, making us aware of details that might otherwise go unnoticed. Anita likes to play with color and light to create vibrant visual effects for our enjoyment. Her pictures are an invitation to spend more time in nature.”   I.B.