Clearance Photos

Clearance: Purchase these matted or framed images at a reduced price.

Size in InchesTitleOriginal Price
in $CAD
Reduced Price
in $CAD
5×7 MatDay Lilies Edges$15$12
5×7 Mat2 White Swans$15$12
5×7 MatColors and Rocks$15$12
5×7 Mat3 Zebras$15$12
5×7 MatRocks and Water$15$12
8×10 MatBig Waves$25$20
8×10 MatHeron Standing$25$20
8×10 MatColors$25$20
8×10 Mat3 Zebras$25$20
11×14 MatHeron Painting$40$30
11×14 MatHeron Close Up Blurry$40$30